AdBlock Plus memory usage (was Re: Firefox Lite)

L. David Baron dbaron at
Sun Jun 28 22:14:13 UTC 2015

On Sunday 2015-06-28 15:00 -0700, Daniel Holbert wrote:
> Someone posted basically the same request last year, here:
> Please see the responses in that thread. Basically, the features you
> mention are (or should be) designed to be "lazily loaded", so they don't
> consume any memory at all until they're used. So, removing them wouldn't
> actually help.
> We do have people working on finding & fixing memory leaks and reducing
> memory usage, for what it's worth. (And in many cases, add-ons like ABP
> are partly to blame; see for example this post from last year:
> )

heycam's work on
(currently in Firefox 41) should help a good bit with AdBlock Plus
memory usage; see comment 46 in the bug.


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