Why are video downloader add-ons so popular?

Richard Z rz at linux-m68k.org
Fri Jun 19 11:51:50 UTC 2015

On Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 10:41:44AM +0100, Gervase Markham wrote:
> On 18/06/15 22:16, Enrico Weigelt, metux IT consult wrote:
> >> That's all very well; but (just like with ad blocking) Firefox would not
> >> necessarily survive the concerted effort of a large number of sites to
> >> get people to switch to an alternative browser because we decided to
> >> implement a feature which they feel significantly affects their bottom line.
> > 
> > Do you really think, that would happen (and users would actually buy
> > into that) ?
> Yes, I think it's a real possibility. If we went into a full-scale war
> with the ad industry, sites could simply refuse to load with Firefox and
> require e.g. Chrome or IE. It would start with sites that had a low
> percentage of Firefox users and, as the Firefox market share dropped
> further, more sites would join in. Or, they would just degrade the user
> experience in Firefox to get people to move out of frustration.

while pornhub etc are important, a large majority of government and e-commerce 
sites can work without DRM with little or no loss of functionality.
Those sites should also be interested in offering *safe* service with
the least necessary amount of crappy plugins and exploits and actively
promote a browser that offers this.

So if those streaming websites want users to use something else than
Firefox we should encourage it: it is not advisable to use the same
browser for banking and porn streaming.
What many streaming websites really want anyway is to install rootkits 
on the target computer like

> > Why is being "popular" really an issue ?
> Because Firefox's market share has a direct relationship to our ability
> to drive the web in the direction we want. If no-one uses our software,
> why would anyone listen to us?

is anyone listening? I see a crazy arms race between advertisement and
tracking/fingerprinting industry on the one side and desperate Firefox users with
NoScript,AddBlock+RandomAgentChooser,CookieDestructor on the other

Unfortunately, at this moment even the most technically savvy users 
are loosing this race hands down.
Why is it that Firefox makes it so hard to minimise the impact of 
tracking and fingerprinting? Is it possibly that there are more
features than can be safely supported?


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