Unified Telemetry update (will not make Firefox 39)

Katie Parlante kparlante at mozilla.com
Wed Jun 10 22:37:41 UTC 2015

I wanted to give an update on the Unified Telemetry project. The <tl;dr> 
is that we won't be sending Unified Telemetry pings on the Firefox 39 
Release (and instead will continue to send FHR v2 data).We are doing our 
utmost to not continue to slip the schedule; our current plan of record 
is Firefox 40. Its important that we meet our release criteria before 
turning off FHR v2.

*What We're Doing*
We're unifying the Telemetry and FHR collection systems on the desktop 
(migrating FHR to Telemetry), and sending the pings through a common 
data pipeline. This will be the first use of the new data pipeline, 
which has some features of the old telemetry pipeline as well as the 
cloud services data pipeline that we use to ingest server log data.

*Why Are We Doing This*
One of the primary benefits is to reduce the latency from the time a 
measurement occurs until it can be analyzed on the server. Another 
benefit is to have a common pipeline for ingesting data. (More goals on 
the wiki).

*What Is Not Changing*
We'll continue to respect existing user preferences. If the user has 
opted out of FHR or Telemetry, we'll continue to respect that for the 
equivalent data sets. Similarly, the opt-out and opt-in defaults will 
remain the same for equivalent data sets.

We're collecting both new pings ("main ping") and old pings (Telemetry 
"saved-session" and FHR V2) on 39 Beta. We will not enable the new pings 
(or disable any old pings) for 39 Release. The plan of record is to 
enable the "main ping" for 40 Release, and turn off FHR V2 pings at that 
time. We will only do this if we've met all release criteria.

*Deliverables and Release Criteria*
Deliverables include (but not limited to):
- FHR data migrated to telemetry
- User preferences and default policies respected
- Data pipeline prepared for release traffic
- Metrics team can do longitudinal analysis across v2 and v4 data sets
- Telemetry Dashboard continues to function correctly
- Executive Dashboards continue to function correctly
- Infrastructure for launching spark or heka jobs that can access 
unified telemetry data
Validating the data is a big project and critical for release. More 
information about the release criteria is available on the wiki; we're 
working with stakeholders to formalize the path to release.

*Who Is Working On This*
Team members from Client Telemetry, Data Pipeline, Cloud Operations, 
Performance, and Metrics teams are all actively working on this project. 
We hang out in #metrics, #datapipeline, and #telemetry, and discussion 
happens on fhr-dev at mozilla.org.

More information is available at https://wiki.mozilla.org/Unified_Telemetry

We'll be sending regular updates to dev-metrics-pipeline at mozilla.comand 
fhr-dev at mozilla.org.


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