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I doubt there will be a conclusive decision about theme support in "a
couple weeks".

I appreciate the desire to be decisive about the documentation, but that is
largely dependent on being decisive about the code, and so there needs to
be a "no additional investment"/"maintenance mode" for the docs the same
way that there is for our code.


On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 11:50 PM, Eric Shepherd <eshepherd at>

> MCDavis wrote:
> Hehe.  I know what you're saying.  My point though is that I see people
> wondering whether it's still happening or assuming there's no activity or
> use in this area, when actually it's a lot more than zero.  A lot more.
> I've seen several occasions of people asking questions similar to Eric's,
> which is understandable, because the Mozilla community is huge and almost
> no one sees all the parts, so it's worth speaking up.  As with any minority
> constituency within a larger body politic, one must stay visible or get
> forgotten, not because anyone is doing anything wrong but because that's
> just how things go.
> We had no real intention of trying to tackle a full update of the theme
> documentation anytime soon. We were just trying to get a feel for how bad
> things are. If it was just a few tweaks needed, then that affects the
> cost/benefit ratio of doing something there sooner rather than later.
> What we would most likely do is issue a call to action to encourage
> community to get into it.
> It sounds like we should wait a couple weeks to get more insight from you
> guys on how things are going to play out. But at some point we need to make
> a call on these docs.
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