GPU polyfill with swiftshader

L4L lv2lrn4lf at
Fri Jun 5 03:36:27 UTC 2015

Chrome use swiftshader to solve non-compatibility with GPU drive:
That is why they are green on caniuse, and FireFox is a lighter color of green... Meaning partially supported.

IE 11 is also green... Only way to download this version of IE is to upgrade to window 8.1. ~_~.

I think it's duo to the same reason as FireFox. They'll upgrade you're graphic drive too while they are pushing a broken version of window onto your hardware. They should use swiftshader too.

Main Reason:
User who are not use to dealing with software, and only use browsers in an application manner, like one would use a phone, or more so Facebook, but with no knowledge of its working.

The only thing we should be pushing our users to do is download the latest version.(Microsoft is forcing the user to download a new version of their OS to be able to use WebGL!) 


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