MCDavis mcdavis941 at
Wed Jun 3 15:10:10 UTC 2015

On 6/1/2015 5:47 PM, Gavin Sharp wrote:
>> Traditional, fully-featured themes, now known on AMO as "complete themes",
>> are very much in use.
> I'm curious what you're basing that assertion on :)
> While I don't think there are immediate plans to do so, we are very
> likely to drop support for "old-school" themes going forward, and I do
> not think investing in their documentation is a good use of time right
> now.

Hehe.  I know what you're saying.  My point though is that I see people 
wondering whether it's still happening or assuming there's no activity 
or use in this area, when actually it's a lot more than zero.  A lot 
more.  I've seen several occasions of people asking questions similar to 
Eric's, which is understandable, because the Mozilla community is huge 
and almost no one sees all the parts, so it's worth speaking up.  As 
with any minority constituency within a larger body politic, one must 
stay visible or get forgotten, not because anyone is doing anything 
wrong but because that's just how things go.

About that other part .. I look at Mark Surman's group's work on radical 
participation and increasing contributors and making it possible for 
contributors to "hang their hats" at Mozilla.  I look at the work theme 
developers have already been doing for the last several years.  It seems 
obvious to me that we're already doing what he's trying to get more of.

I could go on at great length -- great length :) -- but that's probably 

BTW, Gavin, I'm sorry to see you moving on, but that's sure to be 
someone's gain (hopefully yours too).  You've been part of my context 
for a long time.

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