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Tue Jun 2 11:49:50 UTC 2015

One of the things I'm on the hook for is a plan we can share about 
add-ons. Not add-ons for extensions, but add-ons in general.

There are a number of whammy's coming at Add-on developers, and in 
particular extension developers (add-on signing and related policy 
changes, e10s, dropping binary component support, etc.) in the next 
year, and the goal is to have a plan this month that we can communicate 
because it's going to be bumpy.

I'd ask that we hold off on updating themes documentation for the next 
couple of weeks. We're looking into what support will entail moving 
forward, and also trying to get a better view on what AMO's user numbers 
means (installs vs. active use).

Themes are being supported currently, but what that support looks like 
will change, and I totally agree we need to signal intents ASAP.


On 2015-06-02 5:07 AM, Robert Strong wrote:
> We have had backlash from these types of changes in the past where
> people plan on making a change like this without the announcement
> happening early on and being communicative early about this being
> something that will likely happen in the future would be a good thing as
> I see it. It allows the people that put their time and effort into
> something that will likely be deprecated to make a choice using the
> available information (sketchy as it is) as to whether they want to
> start such an effort for a new theme or want to continue the effort of
> maintaining an existing theme.
> I also agree with Gavin that there are more important things to do than
> update the theme docs. Being communicative about this will also give
> theme developers the opportunity to make that same decision regarding
> their time just as we are doing in relation to the theme docs and our time.
> Robert
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