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>  On 02/06/2015 00:59, Robert Strong wrote:
>   While I don't think there are immediate plans to do so, we are very
>> likely to drop support for "old-school" themes going forward, and I do
>> not think investing in their documentation is a good use of time right
>> now.
> It would be a "good thing" to announce such a likelihood early (now?) so
> the theme developers can choose whether they would like to continue
> maintaining, creating, etc. something that support for will be dropped at
> some point.
> I don't understand how saying "we will likely get rid of full themes at
> some yet-to-be-defined point in the future" is helpful for anyone. We don't
> know when, and we don't know what the replacement will look like right now,
> so saying anything definite will just create useless uncertainty and
> justified backlash (why take away X which works, without providing an
> alternative?). When there is a concrete plan, I'm sure people will make the
> relevant announcements.
> Long-term (ie at least a year, likely longer), a lot of people agree we
> don't really want to be using XUL, and so that if nothing else will mean
> full/complete/non-lightweight themes need an overhaul. We may also want to
> do that overhaul sooner to ease the transition away from XUL, and for
> various other reasons. In any case, it's not really useful to speculate
> about this right now, because speculation is all it would be. We don't even
> have accurate usage numbers (we have "installed by X users", but not
> "current theme for X users", AIUI), so having a reasonable discussion about
> cost/value isn't really possible at the moment.
> That being said, I think given the complexity of full themes, and the
> relatively small, expert community who make them right now, updating the
> documentation to be up-to-date would likely take significantly more time
> than the subject warrants, going forward, so I agree with Gavin that there
> are probably more important things to update docs for.
> ~ Gijs
We have had backlash from these types of changes in the past where people
plan on making a change like this without the announcement happening early
on and being communicative early about this being something that will
likely happen in the future would be a good thing as I see it. It allows
the people that put their time and effort into something that will likely
be deprecated to make a choice using the available information (sketchy as
it is) as to whether they want to start such an effort for a new theme or
want to continue the effort of maintaining an existing theme.

I also agree with Gavin that there are more important things to do than
update the theme docs. Being communicative about this will also give theme
developers the opportunity to make that same decision regarding their time
just as we are doing in relation to the theme docs and our time.

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