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Mon Jun 1 23:24:17 UTC 2015

Gavin Sharp wrote:
>> >  Traditional, fully-featured themes, now known on AMO as "complete themes",
>> >  are very much in use.
> I'm curious what you're basing that assertion on:)
> While I don't think there are immediate plans to do so, we are very
> likely to drop support for "old-school" themes going forward, and I do
> not think investing in their documentation is a good use of time right
Sounds like y'all need to have a sit-down and figure this thing out. :)

I agree that if they're likely to be killed off soon, spending time 
updating the docs doesn't make sense. But how soon is it likely to 
happen? If it's going to be more like years than months, then it may be 
worth at least a quick clean-up pass.

Either way, we probably need to add some text here and there explaining 
that they are likely to go away "soon". But I hesitate to do that until 
I have a better idea what "soon" is.


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