New community in Firefox 24; degree and improving

Josh Matthews josh at
Mon Sep 30 05:54:54 UTC 2013

Scripts available at, first cut at graphs
available at (still learning how to use
R, de-uglifying patches welcome). Anyone with access to the MoCo phonebook
should be able to replicate my results and start playing with the data
(sorry, I had to swear up and down that I wouldn't distribute the
employment data before I could get access to it); I wrote a python script
that scrapes all emails from the phonebook programmatically.


On 30 September 2013 01:16, Justin Dolske <dolske at> wrote:

> On 9/29/13 6:20 PM, Josh Matthews wrote:
>  What Justin is likely thinking of
>> is my collection of volunteer contribution statistics per release at
>> 0ApOXjgdvXthCdEtVMndsWHFzVlNzZ**zJoR0I3ZVJkSWc#gid=0<>
> Not sure I've seen that before, but it's exactly the kind of data I'm
> interested in!
> I'm pretty surprised to see volunteer commits hovering around the 1/3
> mark, even with an increase in overall commits. That's great, although I'd
> want to see how that holds when looking at LOC and what areas it might be
> concentrated in.
>  [...]I'll be sure to drop a link to github in the next
>> few days.
> That would be fantastic.
> Justin
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