New community in Firefox 24; degree and improving

Josh Matthews josh at
Mon Sep 30 01:20:37 UTC 2013

On 09/29/2013 04:14 PM, Monica Chew wrote:>> Also, has anyone done the
Hg/Bugzilla-fu to get data on all volunteer
>> contributions (first-patch or not) by release?
> Josh has a dashboard of commits from new contributors over time here:
> Monica

I should really write a script to keep that updated; you can tell that I
haven't touched it in the past year. What Justin is likely thinking of is
my collection of volunteer contribution statistics per release at
Be sure to look at both the overall view (default page) and the
per release (other pages) that buckets volunteers into number of commits in
a given release.

I don't have information about carry-over and churn yet, but that's coming
next. My scripts just gained the ability to get results for specific
directories (such as browser/ and mobile/), and I'm currently working on
generating the graphs automatically instead of copying the data into Google
Docs. I'll be sure to drop a link to github in the next few days.

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