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Mon Sep 23 22:58:52 UTC 2013

On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 3:31 PM, David Keeler <dkeeler at> wrote:

> [ cc'd - please follow-up to tb.planning because this affects
> Thunderbird more than Firefox]
> As discussed in bugs 825583 and 910986, the "Edit Trust" buttons/dialogs
> in the certificate manager don't work properly. The solution for the
> Server tab was to remove the button entirely as it served no purpose.
> The question is, can we do the same with the People tab?
> More generally, what is the People tab useful for? I've never seen any
> entries in it in Firefox. In Thunderbird, my profile has a number of
> entries, but I've never needed to do anything with them. Do we even need
> the People tab?
> Any input would be appreciated :)

The people tab is where we list the S/MIME certificates of other people you
have exchanged email with. It is probably useful to some Thunderbird S/MIME
users but AFAICT it is not useful for Firefox. We should just remove the
people tab from Firefox. Thunderbird can add it back in comm-central.

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