Localizing Firefox - creating parts?

Dave Camp dcamp at mozilla.com
Fri Sep 20 21:27:38 UTC 2013

Buckets would be decided/split on a per-l10n-file basis, or a
per-l10n-directory basis?

Either way, this seems reasonable for devtools.


On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 9:44 AM, Axel Hecht <axel at mozilla.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> we're proposing to cut Firefox l10n into two or more buckets. We'd like to
> get your feedback on whether that makes sense for Firefox, and if the
> developers are OK helping us out with keeping those buckets to their
> purpose.
> With much of the recent UI work in Firefox being Developer Tools, about
> 1/3rd of the strings we localize are around devtools, and web error
> messages (CSS, HTML, XSLT, XPath, etc).
> Translating that content makes sense for languages like French, German,
> Russian.
> At the same time, we think users are better served with those tools in one
> of the languages above for Occitan, Fulah, etc.
> We're proposing that we cut the localization files into at least two
> buckets. Firefox would remain the UI that 90% of our users encounter.
> Devtools would be in a separate bucket. Localizers would decide which
> buckets to include in their work, and make consistent efforts in each.
> Does that make sense?
> The impact on developers would be: The buckets would be associated with
> directories in the source tree. The extra work for developers would be to
> decide which bucket their string belongs to, and not so much rely on which
> l10n files the code around already uses. We'd obviously document those
> buckets and the locations for files. Devtools already does a good job here,
> but it'll require discipline in the future.
> The concept isn't totally new, Dwayne Bailey does something along those
> lines for the teams working on pootle: https://github.com/translate/**
> mozilla-l10n/blob/master/**phases.rst#firefox-phases<https://github.com/translate/mozilla-l10n/blob/master/phases.rst#firefox-phases>and
> https://github.com/translate/**mozilla-l10n/blob/master/.ttk/**
> firefox/firefox.phaselist<https://github.com/translate/mozilla-l10n/blob/master/.ttk/firefox/firefox.phaselist>.
> I'm currently thinking that two buckets are good enough, Firefox and web
> errors/devtools. What do you think, do you have other buckets?
> Next steps: Gather feedback here, then in the l10n newsgroup. We'd propose
> a concrete plan in .planning. We also have folks in each summit location to
> talk to.
> This isn't coming over night, as it'll need implementation work on the
> dashboard, and maybe even releng processes.
> Axel
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