Optimized images

Justin Dolske dolske at mozilla.com
Thu Sep 12 00:00:25 UTC 2013

On 9/11/13 3:36 PM, Gregory Szorc wrote:

> [...] If you check in an unoptimized file, TBPL goes green or orange.
> Think FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. We could even do it selectively, per-directory,
> per-file, etc.

I'm a bit wary of the overhead per-run, since AFAIK the only way to 
determine if an image is optimized is to try and optimize it again (and 
see if it's unchanged). We've got ~1300 PNG files in m-c relevant to 
themes (plus whatever B2G has).

But a quick'n'dirty test seems to show that pngcrush, at least, is quite 
fast, so performance may not be a concern.


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