Optimized images

Gregory Szorc gps at mozilla.com
Wed Sep 11 23:32:09 UTC 2013

On 9/11/13 3:55 PM, Felipe G wrote:
> I like the idea! Here's a variation of the last option (mach command).
> I think we should add a single mach command to check for various
> problems of this kind, to which people can add more checks as they see
> need (for example, another one that I'd like to have is a check that no
> new source files are missing the license header).
> By default, this command would operate on the files that you're gonna
> push (`hg outgoing` or the git equivalent). So you run it locally and it
> tells you about your code.
> And then it would have a --whole-tree option which would check all
> files.. If just someone ends up occasionally running it they can find
> other mistakes that people added and -scream at them- file bugs. And to
> get it fully covered it can be added to the uplift checklist.
> (The drawback is that this suggestion isn't really about optimizing the
> image files :P but it should make it harder for them to be introduced,
> and then the process to optimize them is less relevant)

I think this is essentially what |make check| is intended for - run a 
series of tests against the source tree and build system to verify 
everything is sane.

Once we extract C++ unit tests and JS JIT tests out of |make check|, we 
should be able to repurpose it for these types of checks.

Of course, we could also supplement |make check| with mach commands, etc 
that perform subsets of the tests.

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