Optimized images

Felipe G felipc at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 22:55:38 UTC 2013

I like the idea! Here's a variation of the last option (mach command).  I
think we should add a single mach command to check for various problems of
this kind, to which people can add more checks as they see need (for
example, another one that I'd like to have is a check that no new source
files are missing the license header).

By default, this command would operate on the files that you're gonna push
(`hg outgoing` or the git equivalent). So you run it locally and it tells
you about your code.

And then it would have a --whole-tree option which would check all files..
If just someone ends up occasionally running it they can find other
mistakes that people added and -scream at them- file bugs. And to get it
fully covered it can be added to the uplift checklist.

(The drawback is that this suggestion isn't really about optimizing the
image files :P but it should make it harder for them to be introduced, and
then the process to optimize them is less relevant)
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