Click to play, the next big problem for many smaller, companies

Benjamin Smedberg benjamin at
Wed Sep 11 15:55:29 UTC 2013

On 9/9/2013 6:47 PM, Larissa Co wrote:
> Bsmedberg, perhaps since we haven't built a disappearing doorhanger 
> yet, we should try to implement something persistent only for hidden 
> plugins? (It will at least be more discoverable than the icon is right 
> now.) But before we do this, we need to give the user a "continue 
> blocking" option so that the doorhanger doesn't appear automatically 
> if the user has made a decision one way or another.
We would need to further restrict this:

* doesn't pop up for known-vulnerable plugins
* doesn't pop up for cross-origin frames, and perhaps not for any frame

We would also probably need to put some kind of clickjacking protection in.

I am concerned about this being implemented as a notification, which 
dismisses the instant you click on the page. Especially if the page 
doesn't create the plugin until it is going to be used (which seems 
likely if you're using a hidden plugin as a polyfill), then the user 
will be interacting with the page and it's likely that they will be 
clicking again quickly enough that the notification will be dismissed 
immediately without being seen.

But also, I think that the fundamental problem is that there probably 
*still* isn't enough context to help the user make a good decision. I 
think we'll end up with users hitting random buttons very often. I would 
much prefer that authors who are using plugins as polyfills ship them in 
an extension on AMO, so that the user can make their informed decision 
once at install time and then not have to worry about it. So in general 
I am mildly skeptical that this can be a good UI ever, but I'd be 
willing if you wanted to run some new user experiments with it.


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