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Before anything,

> Perhaps! Has anyone tried to implement a Chrome-like solution, or is anyone
> willing to?
> Gavin
My add-on, FindBar Tweak, has implemented this as a feature, and it has 
actually been one of the most well-reviewed features it offers, 
according to the feedback I get from my users. It also offers the option 
to move the new find bar back down on-the-fly, so it's easier and faster 
to see the difference this change brings. Link: if you're 

Now, my two cents on the issue, coming from both an end-user of the 
findbar and a developer of it as well (add-on); I wouldn't dismiss the 
chrome-like approach so quickly, as some appear to be doing. A smaller 
find bar serves its purpose as well as a large one, and the solution 
Finn Bryant proposed for the horizontal shift issue would be, IMO, worth 
trying, at least if that is the final design to go for.

However, until the shifting content issues are all fixed, I wouldn't 
include the find bar on top as it is in a final release, I don't see the 
trade-off "better position vs. shifting content annoyance sometimes" as 
being positive overall. I would expect my browsing experience to be as 
seamless (as in flowing and continuous) as possible, and I, as well as I 
believe many people, would be turned away from firefox if the web 
content would just jump like it does some times, every time I try to 
find something. I tend to focus quite heavily on things that move, 
whenever this issue happens it usually takes me a second or two to get 
my brain back into whatever it was supposed to focus on. Since this is 
something I can't control most of the time, as the shifting always 
catches me by surprise as well, it becomes quite annoying to have my 
browsing "interrupted" like that. Of course, as was mentioned, carrying 
it to beta would provide that needed "actual-"user feedback...

In short: it's an improvement, but it's not yet finished, unfinished 
features shouldn't be shipped and used by default, not when they replace 
"finished" features. The find bar on the bottom, while maybe not ideally 
placed (I agree that controller chrome stuff should go before controlled 
content), is functioning perfectly well.

Luís Miguel
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