CtP discoverability issues proposal

Tetsuharu OHZEKI saneyuki.s.snyk at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 11:21:53 UTC 2013

I thought that a fundamental question about click-to-play.

The current click-to-play shows two color icons, gray and blue.
But I feel that it's very hard that users understand what means of
these colors difference. Why we uses this UI?  I doubt this UI
displays good information for users.

2013/9/5 Larissa Co <lco at mozilla.com>:
> On 8/30/13 12:00 PM, firefox-dev-request at mozilla.org wrote:
>> On Aug 7, 2013, at 3:16 AM, Larissa Co<lco at mozilla.com>  wrote:
>>> >2. When plugins are invisible (no in-content UI), it's not obvious to
>>> > the user how to enable CtP
>>> >- [already implemented by bug 888292] Use an Active or Urgent colored
>>> > icon for the permission
>>> >- Have the icon animate in (e.g. "flash") on page load
>>> >- Have the doorhanger animate in on page load and then disappear
>>> > automatically after a few seconds
>> For the disappearing doorhanger, when would that get used? On every page
>> load would probably become annoying
>> if i don't want to activate it. It would probably still be annoying if
>> it's just on the first page load for common plugins (e.g.
>> when i set Flash to "Ask to activate" in the addon manager).
> Good question. I was hoping that because the doorhanger would animate in and
> disappear automatically, that it wouldn't be super annoying to occur every
> time the user visits the page. We need to prototype this out though, and
> perhaps consider using it only the first time the user visits the page (I
> think they won't remember it if it only occurs once though).
> Here's a sample:
> http://people.mozilla.com/~shorlander/files/click-to-play-prototype/clickToPlay-Mockup-03.html
> Note that one of the changes I'd like to make is to have a "Continue
> Blocking" (or whatever we call it) option for the doorhanger. By clicking on
> this button, the user can tell the page not to bother them anymore with the
> animated doorhanger.
> Also, I thought you said invisible plugins are in the minority anyway?
> Larissa
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