CtP discoverability issues proposal

Georg Fritzsche georg.fritzsche at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 11:01:10 UTC 2013

On Sep 5, 2013, at 6:19 AM, Larissa Co <lco at mozilla.com> wrote:

> On 8/30/13 12:00 PM, firefox-dev-request at mozilla.org wrote:
>> On Aug 7, 2013, at 3:16 AM, Larissa Co<lco at mozilla.com>  wrote:
>>> >2. When plugins are invisible (no in-content UI), it's not obvious to the user how to enable CtP
>>> >- [already implemented by bug 888292] Use an Active or Urgent colored icon for the permission
>>> >- Have the icon animate in (e.g. "flash") on page load
>>> >- Have the doorhanger animate in on page load and then disappear automatically after a few seconds
>> For the disappearing doorhanger, when would that get used? On every page load would probably become annoying
>> if i don't want to activate it. It would probably still be annoying if it's just on the first page load for common plugins (e.g.
>> when i set Flash to "Ask to activate" in the addon manager).
> Good question. I was hoping that because the doorhanger would animate in and disappear automatically, that it wouldn't be super annoying to occur every time the user visits the page. We need to prototype this out though, and perhaps consider using it only the first time the user visits the page (I think they won't remember it if it only occurs once though).
> Here's a sample: http://people.mozilla.com/~shorlander/files/click-to-play-prototype/clickToPlay-Mockup-03.html

Showing it every time sounds distracting to me (or leading to ignoring it in the long run)- haven't we thrown out bug 810082
(auto-pop on scrip accessing a hidden plugin) for such feedback? I can't find where we did that, so i'm not sure.

> Note that one of the changes I'd like to make is to have a "Continue Blocking" (or whatever we call it) option for the doorhanger. By clicking on this button, the user can tell the page not to bother them anymore with the animated doorhanger.
> Also, I thought you said invisible plugins are in the minority anyway?

They should be in general, but since having Flash always CtP for some time, i see it still being used hidden
on some high-profile sites - e.g. SoundCloud as well as Github & Facebook on some pages - sound playback
 & things like clipboard access etc. I was thinking of, say, visiting those in succession.

But given that only Flash is being that widely used, those points are probably moot for all the other plugins.
Maybe we could just special-case for Flash if needed?


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