Removing Ctrl + Mousewheel zoom shortcut

Mike Connor mconnor at
Tue Jan 29 03:22:04 UTC 2013

On 2013-01-28, at 5:27 PM, Alex Limi wrote:
>> * I think we don't have any global page-zoom UI (eg "Always show pages
>> 150% of normal size"). Perhaps that might be of more interest? I'm
>> actually curious to know more about how people use the feature as-is, as
>> well as what they're actually trying to do.
> I knew there was something missing in my original list. I'd love to have this ability for our users, many a time have I set up Firefox for parents and grandparents, and just wanted everything on the internet to be at 120-150% for them. Also very useful for browsing on a TV/projector.

Do we follow the Windows setting for this?  I suspect that'd be a good starting point for those users, including from an accessibility POV.

If not, a short-term workaround is to set a minimum font size (Content -> Fonts -> Advanced).

-- Mike
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