Removing Ctrl + Mousewheel zoom shortcut

Alex Limi limi at
Mon Jan 28 22:27:26 UTC 2013

On Monday, January 28, 2013 at 12:26, Justin Dolske wrote:
> A few random thoughts:
> * I wonder if the current page-zoom is even the right way to zoom. AIUI  
> mobile is doing something differently, and so we might look into that.  
> And as an anecdotal data point, I deliberately use OS X's crude-but-fast  
> screen zoom frequently but never Firefox's... Too slow and fine grained.

If we could get smooth zoom like Safari's, that would be great. Try two-finger-tapping a section in the desktop version too.  
> * I think we don't have any global page-zoom UI (eg "Always show pages
> 150% of normal size"). Perhaps that might be of more interest? I'm  
> actually curious to know more about how people use the feature as-is, as  
> well as what they're actually trying to do.

I knew there was something missing in my original list. I'd love to have this ability for our users, many a time have I set up Firefox for parents and grandparents, and just wanted everything on the internet to be at 120-150% for them. Also very useful for browsing on a TV/projector.
> * This might be a good case for having a setting only become sticky
> after repeated use... For example, make page zoom a temporary setting  
> (assuming we keep it), but if a user triggers it more than X times on a  
> site -- within some time interval or visit count -- we prompt with a  
> suggestion to permanently zoom the site.

Let's not make more hidden magical behavior. We have enough of that. :)

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