Removing Ctrl + Mousewheel zoom shortcut

Marco Bonardo mbonardo at
Fri Jan 25 22:04:38 UTC 2013

On 25/01/2013 22:30, Felipe G wrote:
> I don't know how this happens so often, but my best guess is that it's 
> through the mousewheel, as Ctrl +/- seems like an unlikely combination 
> to hit by accident, and most Windows users with a mouse (from my 
> observations) heavily use the mousewheel  (while I see that touchpad 
> users tend to click on the scrollbar arrows)  [yeah this is all 
> anecdotal evidence)

I totally agree, and I'll tell you more, I think we must create an 
actual plan to increase users awareness of the browser. We often build 
features that look plain easy for us, and fall on our knees when looking 
at our parents using them. Well, the real world is often that one.
We need people "aware" of functionality of their browser, so that they 
feel like they are controlling it, and not the opposite (often they 
change browser cause something breaks and they feel lost). Some of the 
recent issues I saw reported, all "anecdotal evidence" (friends or parents):

1. Fancy zoom settings (not aware of zoom)
2. Custom toolbars never installed by will (not aware of add-ons)
3. Firefox at version 9.0 (bug, but also not aware of updates)
4. Frequent crashes (not aware of add-ons)
5. Doesn't have that function (not aware of Customize)
6. Home page set by third party (not aware of the home page)
7. Search engine set by third party (not aware of search)

I could continue this list for minutes, though I'll just add

8. Can't do this (user not aware how to do this)

Just for anecdotal fun, 2 days ago I told a friend: "open a new tab and 
visit". He went Firefox / New Tab / New Tab, typed the 
domain in the about:home search field, then clicked Search.


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