Remote agent in default Nightly builds

Andreas Tolfsen ato at
Thu Apr 25 09:55:53 UTC 2019

I’m writing to tell you that the remote agent is now part of regular
Firefox Nightly builds.

This means we now run tests in continuous integration, as part of
the xpcshell (X) and browser-chrome (M-bc) jobs on try.  The next
step is to stand up a try job for the Puppeteer test suite so we
can more easily track our progress.

For regular central builds the --enable-cdp build flag is now
implied and you can remove this from your mozconfig:

	ac_add_options --enable-cdp

If you’re building for a different milestone, for example beta or
stable, you still need to use the flag.

To opt out of building the remote agent, you may still negate the
build flag:

	ac_add_options --disable-cdp

Do note that the remote agent is preffed off, which means it _is
not enabled by default_.  To turn it on when running Firefox:

	./mach run --setpref "remote.enabled=true" --remote-debugger

The tests are instrumented to set the remote.enabled preference,
so the following works without first modifying the profile:

	./mach test remote

All the relevant documentation has been updated to reflect these
changes, though it may take a little time to publish:

This work, along with a long list of dependencies, was tracked here:

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