Andreas Tolfsen ato at
Mon Apr 1 15:43:20 UTC 2019

Following up from the Puppeteer/Juggler sync meeting we had 12
March, I wanted to share the various ways one can keep tabs on the
Gecko remote protocol project.

We have a project page on the wiki which is meant to hold up-to-date
information about who’s who in the project, meeting agendas and
minutes, contact points, and generally anything that isn’t related
to anything technical:

Everything technical, including source code and documentation, is
stored in ‘central’, which is the version controlled Gecko repository:

The technical documentation lives in-tree under remote/doc, and
gets published here:

There’s also a myriad of Google Docs floating about, but I haven’t
found a good system for indexing and archiving them.

Since the Mercurial web frontend it quite bothersome to use, you
may find it easier to navigate the code (search for definitions,
files, &c.) using Searchfox:

If you’ve received this message, it means you’re already on the
primary communication channel (-:  But for reference, the lists’
signup page and archive is:

We also have an IRC channel over at #remote on, but
since Mozilla is quite distributed we try not to make too many
decisions there.  It is however useful to know that it gets logged:

I use this bug query to keep on top of untriaged and in-progress
bugs, although others may have stronger Bugzilla-foo than me and
will be able to forge more sophisticated queries:

Can you subscribe to commits that are made to remote/ in central?
Yes, but it does mean you have to use Phabricator.  The feature
called ‘Herald’ lets you set up a ruleset and lets you take a range
of actions, among which to receive an email when something changes.

First you have to visit this URL:

A word of warning is that Phabricator and Herald is quite difficult
to tame due to the rather unique way backouts and merges are handled
on central, and this will likely cause it to send you a lot of
email.  The rules that I personally use are:

	When all of these conditions are met:

	Affected files matches regexp @(remote|testing/marionette|testing/webdriver|testing/geckodriver|testing/mozbase\/rust)@
	Commit message does not contain a=merge
	Commit message does not contain CLOSED TREE

	Take these actions every time this rule matches:

	Send an email to rule author.

Finally, we have a semi-weekly meeting on Monday mornings at a
Europe-friendly time.  The details for that is on the wiki, but I
usually send out a reminder to this list before the weekend:

To join the public meeting room, called ‘RemoteProtocol’, you have
to download Vidyo:

It goes without saying that you should just ask in case you have
any doubts.

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