Desktop pinch zooming on in nightly

Kartikaya Gupta kgupta at
Tue Aug 4 22:37:53 UTC 2020

Hi all,

In bug 1620055 I've flipped the switch to turn on "desktop zooming"
(aka pinch zooming on desktop) by default on Nightly (starting
tomorrow, probably). We know there are still some issues with this
feature, notably around interacting with scrollbars after zooming, but
we would like to enable it now to get feedback/reports of any other
problems that might exist.

If you do run into problems, please file a bug in "Core :: Panning and
Zooming". If you really need to, you can disable the feature by
setting the pref apz.allow_zooming to false, or through the
experimental features page at about:preferences#experimental

To exercise the feature you can perform "pinch" style gesture on macOS
trackpads, or on Windows/Linux touchscreens [1], or on Windows
high-precision trackpads. Linux high-precision trackpad support is
planned but not yet implemented.


[1] Assuming you have the magic environment variables on Linux to
enable Firefox touch support

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