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Tue Jun 2 23:45:56 UTC 2015

Gordan has the right general idea to approaching this problem space.

On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 5:42 PM, Gordon Brander <gbrander at> wrote:
> On June 1, 2015 at 17:34:48 , Jonas Sicking (jonas at wrote:
>> I think we're already talking about reverse-engineering what search
>> engines and twitter/facebook/etc do.

The summary among all the myriad proprietary (read: single corp /
oligopoly controlled) proposals is that Facebook OGP meta tags have a
strong lead over all the other proprietary approaches (for various
reasons we can get into offline if desired), while among the "open
standards community" options - i.e. per Mozilla open web principles,
microformats have the lead.

>> But I'm still all for proper standardization. Including driving
>> towards good technical solutions.
> Yup. We’re really talking about 2 things in parallel:
> 1. Defining a standards-based approach to marking these things up (using pre-existing patterns where it makes sense). Encouraging authors to use it.
> 2. Creating internal APIs that will leverage this metadata, and in cases where the standards-based metadata does not exist, scraping reasonable results from other common metadata or markup patterns.

This analysis and conclusion matches what we've been figuring out with
implementations and deployments in the IndieWebCamp community as well
(which has several use-cases similar to pins/cards for providing
summaries/link-previews of pages on the web). In short, the general
approach involves parsing for two general sets of published data /

1. Pragmatic parsing of what's most out there:
  a) according to anecdotal sampling by the indieweb community,
Facebook OGP, and
  b) according to studies / open/common crawl datasets: classic microformats

2. Simplest open standards based approach (so we can recommend the
easiest, least work, and most openly developed/maintained approach to
authors and site owners) - microformats2.

I'm happy to provide citations/specs for these, as well as follow-up
on any detailed questions.


Tantek Çelik
Web Standards Lead

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