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List Description
accessibility Mozilla/Web accessibility topics
activity-stream Activity Stream public email list
addons-chromebug Chromebug users and developers
affiliates Discussion relating to
android-components Android Components development discussion
announce Mozilla announcements
announce-compatibility Add-on compatibility announcements
apis A uniform interface of mozilla's platform APIs
autofill Discussion forum for Form Autofill and Payment implementation on Firefox
cbt-education Community Building Team: Education & Culture Working Group
community-africa [no description available]
community-algeria Mozilla Community in Algeria
community-antarctica [no description available]
community-arab-world [no description available]
community-armyofawesome [no description available]
community-artzilla [no description available]
community-australia Mozilla Community in Australia
community-balkans Balkans Community Mailing List
community-bangladesh Mozilla Bangladesh mailing list.
community-belgium Mozilla-related activities in Belgium
community-berlin Mozilla Community in Berlin, Germany (English)
community-bulgaria Mozilla in Bulgaria (
community-canada Mozillians in Canada
community-chile Lista de la comunidad Mozilla en Chile
community-colombia Comunidad local Mozilla Colombia
community-crafting A place to discuss how crafters can support the Mozilla mission
community-croatia Mailing list for the Mozilla Croatia community ( )
community-denmark [no description available]
community-devderby Dev Derby
community-diversity Mailing list for Mozilla Community Diversity Working Group
community-drumbeat The community mailing list for Mozilla Drumbeat
community-dutch Dutch Mozilla community
community-esperanto The Esperanto language community at Mozilla.
community-ghana Mozilla Ghana Community Mailing List
community-greece [no description available]
community-hungary Official Mailinglist for Mozillians in Hungary
community-iceland The main place for Mozilla community discussions in Iceland.
community-ignite Discussion of the Mozilla Ignite project - future of networking and web apps
community-india India Community List
community-india-dev [no description available]
community-indonesia Milis Komunitas Mozilla Indonesia
community-iran This Discussion Forumis for discussing about Mozilla future events in Iran and ways to have more contributors on Persian localization.
community-ireland [no description available]
community-kenya [no description available]
community-kerala Mozilla Kerala Commnity Mailing List
community-local-sites [no description available]
community-malaysia Mozilla community in Malaysia
community-mali Communauté Mozilla Mali
community-mexico Comunidad Mozilla México
community-mojo Discuss Knight-Mozilla OpenNews
community-mongolia [no description available]
community-morocco Mozilla Moroccan Community mailing list
community-nepal Mailing List for Mozilla Nepal Community
community-newzealand Mozilla Community in New Zealand
community-nigeria The Mozilla Community in Nigeria
community-norway [no description available]
community-pakistan Mozilla Pakistan Community Mailing List.
community-philippines Mozilla Philippines Community Mailing List
community-portugal [no description available]
community-quebec Mozilla Québec - ⚜ Ensemble, cultivons Internet ⚜ - Liste de discussion
community-romania [no description available]
community-rwanda [no description available]
community-senegal [no description available]
community-sri-lanka [no description available]
community-sweden [no description available]
community-taiwan Mozilla Taiwan
community-toronto Mozilla Toronto Community Mailing List
community-tunisia La communauté Tunisienne de Mozilla
community-turkey Mozilla Turkish Community -
community-uganda [no description available]
community-uk Mailing list for the Mozilla UK community ( )
community-vietnam Mozilla Vietnam Community - Cộng đồng Mozilla Việt Nam
compatibility Web Compatibility at Mozilla
context-graph This is a public mailing list for Context Graph
dev-accessibility Accessibility of Mozilla products to those with disabilities
dev-apps-bugzilla Development discussion about Bugzilla
dev-apps-calendar Mozilla Calendar Project
dev-apps-chatzilla Development discussion about Chatzilla, the IRC chat client
dev-apps-dom-inspector Development discussion about the DOM Inspector
dev-apps-seamonkey Development discussion about the SeaMonkey Application Suite
dev-apps-thunderbird Development discussion about the Thunderbird email client
dev-b2g-feedback Feedback list for Firefox OS users
dev-b2gdroid Running b2g on Android, because why not!
dev-bluetooth Development discussion about bluetooth and web bluetooth
dev-builds Discussion about building Mozilla products
dev-community-tools Product suite built to garner greater community involvement in the Mozilla project
dev-developer-tools For development of the Firefox Developer Tools
dev-flyweb [no description available]
dev-fxos Firefox OS
dev-fxos-sync [no description available]
dev-general-zh General techincal discussions in Chinese
dev-geolocation Discussion about Geo location services
dev-js-sourcemap Discussion about source maps
dev-l10n Localizing Mozilla products (general list)
dev-l10n-ar Arabic community localization mailing list
dev-l10n-bm Bambara translation discussion forum
dev-l10n-cy Welsh Localization Discussion Forum
dev-l10n-fa Persian L10n Team
dev-l10n-hi [no description available]
dev-l10n-hr Mailing list for Croatian localizers
dev-l10n-in Mozilla India Localization Group...
dev-l10n-km [no description available]
dev-l10n-lk [no description available]
dev-l10n-lo [no description available]
dev-l10n-mg Malagasy translation discussion forum
dev-l10n-mr Marathi Localization discussions
dev-l10n-ms Mozilla L10N Malaysian Discussion
dev-l10n-my Burmese L10n Discussion
dev-l10n-nativo [no description available]
dev-l10n-new-locales [no description available]
dev-l10n-sk Localizing Mozilla into Slovak
dev-l10n-sr Serbian localization team
dev-l10n-sw This list is for Mozilla Swahili Localization community members
dev-l10n-ta மொசில்லா தமிழ்
dev-l10n-te Telugu Localization discussions
dev-l10n-uk Ukrainian l10n Discussion
dev-l10n-vi Vietnamese L10n Discussion
dev-l10n-web Mozilla projects web content localization
dev-l10n-wo Wolof translation mailing list
dev-mdc-es Lista de correo del Mozilla Developer Center en español
dev-mdc-ja discussion mailing list for Mozilla Developer Center Japanese (ja)
dev-mdc-pt Lista de discussão sobre planejamento, autoria e tradução de documentação para desenvolvedores no Mozilla Developer Center em português.
dev-media For discussion around media in browsers (Video, Audio, WebRTC, etc.)
dev-memory [no description available]
dev-mozilla-org Discussion of website and newsgroups
dev-mozjpeg Discussion about the development of mozjpeg
dev-planning Planning for future releases
dev-platform The Mozilla platform: "gecko"
dev-platform-ux [no description available]
dev-popcorn Popcorn developer discussion.
dev-ports-os2 The OS/2 ports of Mozilla products
dev-privacy Privacy related development topics
dev-project-link Project Link
dev-push For discussion regarding development of SimplePush, WebPush and other Push related servers.
dev-quality Discussion of testing, test tools, and QA activities related to mozilla projects
dev-raspberry-pi Where technical issues are discussed.
dev-remote [no description available]
Dev-rtl [no description available]
dev-security Security of Mozilla products
dev-security-policy Discussion of security-related policies, governance, and related topics; and responsibility for the Mozilla CA certificate policy.
dev-services-circus [no description available]
dev-servo [no description available]
dev-static-analysis Static analysis of the Mozilla codebase
dev-super-review Mozilla super-reviewers
dev-tech-crypto mozilla's crypto code discussion list
dev-tech-crypto-checkins Automated notices of checkins to Mozilla cryptography code
dev-tech-gfx Gecko platform graphics mailing list
dev-tech-java Java technology in Mozilla products
dev-tech-js-engine Spidermonkey, the Mozilla JS engine in C
dev-tech-js-engine-internals SpiderMonkey internals
dev-tech-js-engine-rhino Rhino, the Mozilla JS engine in Java
dev-tech-layout Web page layout
dev-tech-ldap LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) technology in Mozilla products
dev-tech-mathml MathML technology in Mozilla products
dev-tech-network Mozilla's network layer
dev-tech-nspr Netscape Portable Runtime (NSPR) - OS-independent services
dev-tech-rdf RDF technology in Mozilla products
dev-tech-sql SQL technology in Mozilla products
dev-tech-svg SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) technology in Mozilla products
dev-tech-xforms XForms technology in Mozilla products
dev-tech-xml XML rendering in Mozilla products
dev-tech-xpcom [no description available]
dev-tech-xslt XSLT technology in Mozilla products
dev-themes Theme and theming development
dev-tree-management-tracemonkey [no description available]
dev-ui-alerts Automated messages about UI changes
dev-usability The usability of Mozilla products
dev-version-control Discussion of version control
dev-web-development [no description available]
drumbeat-barcelona [no description available]
drumbeat-festival [no description available]
drumbeat-globalmelt [no description available]
drumbeat-privacy-icons Discussion of the Mozilla Privacy Icons project
drumbeat-website [no description available]
education Mozilla + Education
Evangelism For discussion about evangelizing to developers about open web technologies and Mozilla products.
Funnelcake [no description available]
general General catch-all discussion group
governance Discussion of the governance and running of the Mozilla project
jobs Job offers and availability for employment
join Discussion of Join Mozilla program
learning-center [no description available]
marketing Mozilla Marketing Community List
mdn-services Mailing list for discussing MDN Services project
mds-public [no description available]
moss [no description available]
mozilla-dev-sensorweb SensorWeb aims to find the easiest path from sensors to open data.
mozillians For discussions of general interest to Mozillians
privacy Discussion about privacy issues at Mozilla.
qa-webmaker [no description available]
release-engineering For all release engineering discussion at Mozilla.
reps-general Mozilla Reps - General Discussion mailing list
support-bugzilla End-user/administrator support for Bugzilla
support-calendar End-user support for Sunbird, Lightning, and the Calendar extension
support-firefox Firefox help community
support-seamonkey Support for the SeaMonkey Application Suite
support-thunderbird Thunderbird help community
support-webtools End-user/administrator support for the Mozilla Webtools Suite (Bonsai, Tinderbox, LXR, Mozbot, Doctor)
test test messages go here
test-multimedia A place to test posting and reading binaries with Mozilla-based clients
tools [no description available]
tools-bmo For discussion of development related to
Tools-elmo [no description available]
tools-l10n [no description available]
tools-marionette [no description available]
tools-pulse Mozilla Pulse discussion
tools-puppetagain Announcements and development of PuppetAgain
tools-socorro Support for users of the Socorro project
tools-taskcluster Mozilla TaskCluster Discussion
tools-wiki Wiki Working Group
webapps A mailing list for the Open Web App developers
webmaker-canada-bc webmaking, web literacy and digital literacy in British Columbia
webmaker-l10n [no description available]
wishlist Things you wish for in Mozilla products

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